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List Names

There are a number of mailing lists in operation where you will get announcements about training times along with other karate related information. To email the members of a list send a message to:

List Name List Email Club
bristol University of Bristol - Student Union / Sports Centre
hiattbaker University of Bristol - Hiatt Baker
portishead Portishead - Parish Wharf
stwerburghs St Werburghs - The St Werburghs Centre
uwe University of the West of England

There is an additional master list which will send a message to everyone subscribed to any of the lists above. Membership of this master list is managed automatically based on the addresses subscribed to the lists above. If you post to the master list please make sure that your message is relevant to the entire DKK community.

List Subscription

Before you can post to a list you must subscribe to it. Send an email to, e.g. You will then need to reply to the confirmation email before your subscription is active.

Once you have received confirmation of your subscription you will be able to post messages to the list but please don't send test emails to check! If you post a message it will either succeed or be returned to you with an error. If you receive an error message it should explain why there is a problem otherwise please contact the list owner for more help.

List Unsubscription

To stop receiving messages from a list send an email from the address which receives the messages to

It is possible that your request to leave the list will overlap with posts already scheduled for delivery. If you do continue to receive list posts after a day then something may have gone wrong so please contact the list owner for more help.

If your email address stops working and bounces more than two messages back to the system then your email address will be automatically removed from the list. If this was caused by a temporary problem then you will need to resubscribe in order to resume receiving messages.

List Help

If you are having problems with the list send an email to If this doesn't answer your question try the list owner,

List Archives

The posts to these lists are archived and available online at